Micro LCD VGA display

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Micro LCD VGA display

Any experience with LCD display? I just got hold of five 1.44” TFT LCD display modules: [http://actionshotcam.com/shop/video-viewer/] These babies display full colour images, animations, icons and video clips and are RoHS compliant. Im wanting to hack them to display possible eye emotion animations. There's a small' of what seems to be VGA connection, but it's quite small. What cable can I find out there to display my own video/images? Also, the display relies on the power of the Actionshot camera so there are no batteries needed on board. There is also a small speaker connected to each LCD Display so I have the option of audio.  Any tips, comments, ideas, and refrence will be nice. Thanks community! 



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Can you post the info written on the display?
Also better images would help as I cannot see much in the current one.


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I've seen a bunch of these on clearance at a local store - did you manage to get one working?