RSV2 Wiring Repair Kit - Complete replacement wiring harness

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RSV2 Wiring Repair Kit - Complete replacement wiring harness

Why hasn't this been done? Who cares! I'm doing it now! I'm about 50% complete on this project, having sourced wiring and connectors, all I have left to do is crimp them up and solder them in to the feet. I've started this thread to gauge interest in the possibility of selling these kits as a complete, all in one solution for the (in)famous wiring problem for these guys. Drop a line to let me know that there are still those out there who love these robots and would like to get theirs going without all the hassle.


Mods - if this is the wrong place for this announcement, please feel free to move/ correct it. 


Thanks everyone!

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That would be a fine humanitarian effort
! :) The volume of response would be directly proportional to the number of V2s still out there, I should think. Please let us know how the project progresses.

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hi guys.the glu comes easly off.and you have to renew the wire complete from inside the connector.otherwise you still have old wire 30mm .
there's plenty off pics how to do it here on RC.

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on sparkfun you can by 4 pin and 6 pin connector.its calt JST
whit these you can renew all wires from the inside connector.

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Well, I just finshed replacing the lower wiring in an RS V2 I got off Ebay (not recommended). It worked when shipped but since it had the infamous flaking wire insulation it shed most all insulation during shipping.  I was lucky enough to have a previous disassembled RS V2 and was able to swap the legs and wiring with minimal soldering etc.  This is not for the faint of heart! I'm not sure what was worse repalcing the wring or disassebley/reassembly (I vote for reassemebly). It is truly amaizing that someone even designed such an overly complicated robot.


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I'd be interested in purchasing a kit. Took my v2 apart yesterday, and not looking forward to replacing all of it.

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its not why some one would build something so complex its why world they use bad wires

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I'm looking at rewiring several V2's myself. They used flexible 65 strand wire in the legs due to the routing thru the hip joint.

Got quotes for flexible wire of $1.50 to $2.50 per foot with a 50 - 100 feet minimum buy (white only). It does drop to about $0.70 per foot for 1000 feet. For colors other then white the minimum buy is 1000 feet.

Given there's 9 colors, one would have to invest about $6,500.00 just for the wire.

To make a kit, the wire would need to be cut to length, stripped and connectors crimped on which is a significant amount of labor.

Anyone selling a kit would want to make a profit, so the kit would cost about $50.00.

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If you are still selling this wire harness please hit me up at headless105@yahoo.comThank you very much looking to get this redone for my niece

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I just found a robosapien V2 in a closet of my fiance this robot belongs to her niece I would love to get it rewired for her for christmas I am also looking for the remote as well Many thanks to any and all help  

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I'm a bit further on determining what's required to rewire the legs of a V2, and would like to share what I've found so far (use at your own risk however :).

1) As I mentioned in a prior posting, the power wires (Qty 4 or 8) are 65 strand (22 AWG?). The black ones are 20.75" in length including the connector and the red ones are 22.75" in length including the connector.

2) I have seen 3 different power connector configurations which are:

a) 2 wire with the board connector shell opening facing up.

b) 4 wire with the board connector shell openings facing up.

c) 4 wire with the board connector shell openings facing down.

Note: In all 3 cases, the black wires are on the left side and the red wires are on the right side.

3) The motor wires (Qty 4) are 36 strand (24 AWG?). All wires are 20.75 in length including the connector.

4) The signal wires (Qty 6 and 7) are 36 strand (24 AWG?). All wires are 19.75 in length including the connector.

5) The JST connector shells and pins can be purchased from DigiKey.

a) The power connector part numbers are 455-2266-ND (XHP-2) or 455-2267-ND (XHP-4) and 455-1135-1-ND (SXH-001T-P0.6)

b) The motor connector part numbers are 455-1165-ND (PHR-2) and 455-2148-1-ND (SPH-002T-P0.5L)

c) The signal connector part numbers are 455-1162-ND (PHR-6), 455-1161-ND (PHR-7) and 455-2148-1-ND (SPH-002T-P0.5L)

Things that I havn't figured out yet include:

1) How to crimp the connector pins. Probably will purchase an inexpensive crimping tool for about $35.00.

2) What to replace the wire with. Similar wire is expensive. Want it to last so picking the right type is important.

3) What to replace the spiral cable wrap with. Also needs to last.