[Wanting] RS Media personalities

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[Wanting] RS Media personalities

Hello, I am new to the forum so if I am being a noob/ignorant in the request I am sorry...


I would like to request personalitys for the RS Media with active working links. I have Elmo and Vader but want different ones...

I am not saying go out make these for me because I am to lazy. I am being lazy about this but if they already exist whats the point in me making one... I would like ANY personalities but most prefered I would like


Green day (Billy Joe Armstrong) 

Simpsons (Homer) 

American Dad (Stan or Roger)

Bender (Been looking everywhere for active link)


and well Anything... also anybody know of anything different you can do with these RS Medias. very enjoyable as it is but I want to do as much as possible to it! I want to see what this little guys made of...


Also if I am not being to much trouble is there anywhere I can purchase an AC adapter from for this guy also... it's batterys die surprisingly fast I can play with it for 2/3 hours and then he is saying 'The Batterys in my feet need changing...' These are not cheap batterys I paid £25/$40 for recharable batterys. So any ideas hope you don't mind answering atleast one of my questions. 

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Hi Gavinskii,    The biggest collection of personalities used to be in the downloads section in this Robocommunity site. But it seems to have vanished now.  I have asked the Admins if the RSMedia downloads are permantly gone. If so , then I do have quite a few archived on my computer and I can upload some to the "RS Media Robot Development Kit" (see here) which I run.  I will give the admins a few days to reply, before I upload.BTW I have about 18 personalities, including the two you already have. I do have the Bender one you wanted.  These were mostly downloaded from the Robocommunity downloads site. Regards   Helibot

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Thank you for the reply Helibot I have noticed a few links forwarding me to the download centre on here for personalities but the link forwards me to mainly apps to control the robot. Hopefully they will bring it back up but if not at least not all hope is lost as you have back ups :)

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Hi gavinskiiI don't look on the site that often lately since the forum format was changed (for the worse). I also have contacted the Administrator like Helibot to suggest they get the RSM download area back  last year sometime but had no response.The good news is I have a back up of all the personalities and all the other stuff to do with the RS Media you can find it at the following linkhttps://sourceforge.net/projects/themadrobot/files/Robot-Resource/Also you will find other resource that may help you with the RS Media on my website in the RS Media section. www.themadrobot.talktalk.netHope this helps