Need help fixing a broken RSMedia

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Need help fixing a broken RSMedia

Hey everyone,

I recently found an old RSMedia robot, sadly without a remote. It won't boot though: when I turn it on, he moves a bit but then does nothing. The screen just shows Wowwee, flashes black and then loops doing that. I soldered some wires to it so I could access it via a serial connection, and when I connect to it, it also loops the following:

Device ID:22BA
Press any key for alternate boot-up options ... 00

Copying kernel from Nand Flash to RAM ...
Booting kernel ...

Does anyone have any advice how (or if) I can fix this?
Thanks in advance!

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Hello Surzh,
I suspect that his kernel firmware is corrupted. There is a way to fix it but its quite involved. You need to 'boot strap' the RSMedia to boot a downloaed kernel, then reinstall a new kernel to the firmware.
See this thread (from comment #12). I have done it twice to my RSMedia.

If you want to give it a go, then reply below of PM me and I will find the files for you.

There are also full  copies of the V1 and V2 firmware available here:

   (But to apply these you need a working kernel, which your robot doesnt currently have.)