Robosapien X vs Robosapien Blue (differences?)

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Robosapien X vs Robosapien Blue (differences?)

Hi all:Please forgive me if this have been asked before; but neither google search or forum search, tweeter question gave me a clear answer.What are the differences between Robosapien X and Robosapien Blue? As far I have  read the wowee site; they have 63 movements and the difference is the bluetooh enabled of Robosapien Blue. But manuals can't confirm that (I only find robosapien X manuals). And the ad says that both are smartphone enable; so my pov it that both are wifi-enable devices (so can be controlled over wifi) but just Robosapien Blue is bluetooh enable.Are my inferences fine or somebody can kindly tell me if there are more differences ? Thanks !

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X is driven by Infrared.  There is a dongle that plugs into the earphone to drive the IR or you can use the remote.BLUE is driven by the bluetooth transmitter in your iphone or android telephone or you can use the remote.If you have both you can battle it out simultaneously