RoboRaptor Neck Issues

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We got a raptor from a flea market for 10 bucks. He works great other than not being able to lift his head. He can turn it and stuff, just not lift. No idea if this is a motor finally dying or a gear being off. (probably a motor cause he does smell like hes burning by the neck) He sees best out of all 3 of mine, a blue nostril white having the best hearing and green blue nostril having the best looking paint and lack of head scuffs. The other two work awesome, other than the white one needing to be hit a bit to get his motors running when we first got him.

small roboraptor not working

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Hello,I recently purchased a 2005 Roboraptor for $3.00 at a Thrift shop. It works very well. It came with a smallerraptor that doesn't seem to work at all. Is it supposed to have it's own remote? It didn't come with one.Does the remote for the larger Roboraptor activate the small raptor? Any advice? I've changed the batteriesin the small raptor several times with batteries that are supposed to be good until 2024. I don't want to openhis up, unless you advise it.Thanks,Stephanie 

Roboraptor replacement remote

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Is there a instruction manual available for the roboraptor replacement remote? I was given a roboraptor only and had to purchase a working/tested new replacement remote online. The non original remote powers on and lights but doesn't activate the dinosaur. Both items have fresh Ni-MH batteries. Is the raptor broken? Thanks.

Roboraptor wont start - help

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I got a used roboraptor from the internet. The Guy told me it has been in a closet for 2 years, and it worked fine until then. When I got it, I inserted the batteries (all new) and the command works, but the robot doesn't start. when I switch the On button it's completely dead, nothing happens. My daughter is so sad. I don't know what to do.

Roboraptor problem (neck spins)

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I have an issue with  Roboraptor that was working fine, then it started to act funny. Whenever I hit the stop button, it will spin its head 3 times.  This almost always happens with any new command.  Someone else had this issue back in 2009, but nobody responded to that thread with a solution. All features work -- it's just that annoying 3-cycle head spin!