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Restoring bootloader for RSMV1 and RSMV2

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Hello all,

   Over the past year or two I have had a few requests to assist with using bootstrap mode to restore the bootloader for 'dead' RS Media robots.

Instructions for this were posted a long time ago in this thread, but there were some files missing.

Also it seems that the previous process does NOT work if your PC is using Windows 10 (or possibly Windows 8 or 7 too)

So I have created a new archive with all the required files and updated instructions for Windows 10 (and 8 or 7).

rs media

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Hi there, My sons dad bought him a RS media but when he went to charge it put the wrong charger in. This caused a small puff of smoke from the back. Now it comes on says he is running out of power and turns off.Now, i am ok with some electronics but when opening the foot i realised how big a job it would be. I have no clue where to start on one of these. If anyone can give me some thoughts and ideas as to what this could be and if  there is anything i can try and do to fix it. Seem such a shame to get rid without trying something.  We tried battery power but even that didnt work.

RS Media Robot/Suite Info / Tips

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 RS Media, WowWee's most expensive robot of 2006-2008. Yet so many issues and problems. Surprisingly I have an RS Media that has never been repaired and still functions like new. Anyways, If you need tips for the Rs Media Robot/Suite Just Ask Me.                -TipMasterWowWee

My Rs Media from 2006

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Hi So as I said, somwhere? We found this RS media robot for €10.00 on some local second hand site, and it came to us without a controller, I thought it was going to be a pile of broken rubbish, but look what happened when I switched it on....I didnt even look to see if batteries were included :)

How to use rs media if you can’t see the screen?

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Hello. I was wondering if it is possible to use RS media if I cannot see the screen. I am blind, so I  can’t see the screen on the robot. I have some vision, so I would be able to see it lighting up, but I can’t see very small print. I don’t have one, but I was just wondering if there was a way for me to use it. 

RS Media easy to repair by user

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Hello all,I am new here. My Name is niklas and i am very interested in Robots. Since I am blind, there are many robots I can't use. I am very interested in the RS Media and am happy to see that there seems to be discussions about it still going on here. So I am thinking about buying one myself even if the support from wowwee has dropped. My question is however, if there is something damaged on the RS media can he be repaired by users and can the parts be rebuild or other parts be used if there are no original replacement parts available at some point?


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Друзья! Мой робот перестал работать. Включается, на экране идёт загрузка а после сразу выключается. В чем может быть проблема?
Friends! My robot stopped working. Turns on, the screen is loading and then immediately turns off. What could be the problem?

Robosapien rs media lcd screen gone and no sound

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Got a rs media totday but the lcd is broken i mean the wire and also the camera.. When he boots up he normaly says system checkt then he does his thing but except of leaning forward he goes backwards? 500 dollar for this piece of crap seriously wowwee? Anyway i also hear some poping sound from his back i opened him and now no sound anymore why is there no sound anymore nothing snapt!!! Can someone help ? Also van i get a new flex cable for my rsm? Thats why the stupid lcd screen dont work...